2nd Immigration Interview – the Waiver

My husband was able to schedule his second immigration interview at the US Consulate in Juárez  (his “Waiver” interview to forgive his  status – the one that counts) via the phone yesterday… Although our lawyer had said it would be about two to three weeks in between interviews (and we had heard the same from friends who went through this process his 2nd interview will not be until APRIL 17th!

Yes, we will be gone for a full two months. We are sad and happy at the same time. Now we can at least plan our entire trip over this weekend and make some hotel reservations this next week before we leave. Our friend is going to come down to meet us for a few days at the end of March. We’ll still have over two weeks with his family and we’ll get to see a LOT of Mexico… something we both are incredibly excited about. My husband grew up very poor and his family was never able to travel or vacation.

We blew up a map of Mexico and hung it on our office wall, stretching almost from the ceiling to the floor. It makes the trip a little intimidating but it will be fun. Hopefully, any followers will learn about many places in central Mexico they probably never heard of because we will write about them and post pictures as we travel.

We’ll, it’s only about 6 am which is WAY earlier than my usual “rise and shine” time so this is about all the typing my brain can handle. Until next time!


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