Milk moustache

Sporting a milk mustache in Duluth

Here is a test photo to see if we can get this to work. My husband and I went to Duluth for the first weekend of February to celebrate his birthday at a bed and breakfast. We stopped off on Saturday afternoon at this very interesting coffee shop where he showed off his milk mustache or “bigotes de leche.”



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3 responses to “Milk moustache

  1. Looks like I’ll be the first to comment on your blog. Actually I’m also expanding my internet skills as this is my first foray into the blogging world. Just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for the best outcome and I’ll miss you while you’re gone!

  2. We are excited for you both. We ALL look forward to reading about your journey. We love you guys! Good luck and be safe.Love~Erin, Becca and Alex (Becca actually told me what to write!)PS: the kids like hearing the Spanish!

  3. The mustache suits you!! This too is my first at the blogging world, so I am impressed by what you’ve written so far. God bless your journey and Chuy, keep up the writing(in English) and I’ll see what kind of credits I can give you for it when you return!!!Pam

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