Introduction of Characters

Mmmmm.... I love fall!

My husband said that I needed to post a picture of myself on the blog. (He was not impressed by the Milk Moustache apparently). So for those of you who haven’t seen me in a while, here I am eating apple pie and ice cream at the apple orchard this fall… I let him pick the picture… oh well… All’s fair, as they say.

Next, here is a picture of me and Maren who I will be talking about towards the end of March because she will be visiting us for a week. My husband and I are both very, very excited about the idea of seeing someone from home AND having an excuse to go to the beach. I will be covered from head to toe as usual to avoid my sun rash but I can at least look at the ocean!

This is my mom and dad, who will be driving with us from Minnesota to El Paso. We love them both very much and deeply appreciate them uprooting themselves for a week to support us in our journey. We will need it as we go across the border. That will be a very emotional day for us and it will help to have them there. This picture was taken in the fall when we went with them to the Soudan Underground Mine in Northern Minnesota.

Hopefully these photo tests will work. I’m trying to experiment as much as I can with these little things before we go so I can just “blog away” once we are there!


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  1. I do think it’s a tad bit ironic that you are talking about being covered head to toe in a photo where you are wearing a tank top!! Chica, I wish you all the best in this exciting adventure in your union together.

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