T minus 31 hours

I have no idea what the “T” means in that phrase but it reminds me of a spaceship launch which is what I feel like we’re about to do. I was getting a pedicure last night and the lady asked me how you pack for a two-month trip. “I don’t know, we haven’t done it yet,” was my reply. And now, less than 31 hours from our leave time we still have nothing packed! Clothing options are sorted… gifts for his family are bought… toiletries and the entire Target pharmacy section are laid out (or should I say sprawled out) on our bedroom floor… and office floor… and other bedroom floor. Let me just state that I have enough Imodium and Pepto Bismol to treat myself four times daily each of the 60 days for “turista” (the infamous stomach problem that effects many Mexican visitors) which, of course, means I will have no problems at all!

After calling around to Mexican hotels last night and finding at least six that we wanted to stay at full, we started to freak out a little bit. I think that after four hours of calling we managed to secure reservations for every place up until our arrival in Tetelilla. There is one night where we don’t know what town we’ll end up in because of the drive, but hopefully we’ll find something. After our stressful hours of calling I was laying in bed mentally planning out our route and I contemplated cutting out the town of Tequila… I know… GASP!!! I did come to my senses after a night’s sleep though and we are going to make it work somehow. We’ll see how the road conditions truly are once we get there.

I suppose I better start doing something to prepare for the trip. We sorted all our papers for his interviews into very large manila envelopes and now need to figure how to pack them. Mex went to get his haircut about three hours ago and isn’t back yet. Hopefully he doesn’t come back bald! I think he’s hoping if he takes long enough I won’t make him try to call any other hotels. I don’t know how you would plan a trip like this through central Mexico without a Spanish speaker because most of the small town hotels we’re calling, the people answering the phone speak no English! Until later…


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  1. You’ve done a great job packing and now you can leave that part of the stress behind. You two will do great!

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