Lazy day

Delicious red and green chilaquiles

Sometimes we just wish we were kids again! This looked so fun.

 So today was pretty uneventful here in Ciudad Juarez. We decided to stick close to the hotel since we will have plenty of opportunity to see Mexican markets in other (i.e. SAFER) towns. Our hotel has an awesome breakfast buffet and it’s the first time we’ve seen anyone in the restaurant. It was $270 pesos ($23 US) for 2 of us which is pricey but seems equivalent to what you would pay in the US for a similar spread. We had a dish called chilaquiles for breakfast. Totally yummy but incredibly unhealthy I’m sure. It’s basically fried tortillas cut into wedges, soaked in green or red sauce until they are soft again and then sprinkled with cheese. Of course we also had omelettes and french toast (really, really good)!
After that we walked a block down the road to the Rio Grande Mall which is a fairly small mall, probably about the size of Northtown Mall in Minnesota. Seriously, sometimes it feels like we haven’t really left yet. The mall was complete with department stores carrying Tommy Hilfiger and any kind of perfume that you could want. There were even sunglasses huts and cell phone huts down the middle of the mall. We saw this super cool bungee thing for kids that looked like a blast. We grabbed a bite at the food court and had some semi-Mexican food.

Mex got a little tired so he took a break in a massage chair for five pesos (less than 50 cents) in the middle of the mall. We went back and tried to swim in the pool but it was absolutely frigid- Lake Superior cold. Then we tried to go in the hot tub but the water smelled really, really bad. So we ended up just sitting outside and enjoying the nice weather. For dinner we walked down the block and had Domino’s pizza. Exactly like in the States! That’s all for today!


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  1. Sounds like you haven’t had to use your pink pepto yet, that’s good! Love the pictures! Keep smiling!

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