Wind storm

That’s all to report for today. Seriously strong winds are howling outside of our hotel room. It’s insane! It sounds like we are in the middle of a tornado. The curtains are blowing even though the window is shut tight. We had dinner in our hotel tonight and talked with the waiter a little while. He’s from Puebla state which is right next to Mex’s state of Morelos. He said he came to Juarez to work because there was no money in Puebla so he’s trying to make some money here and then move back home. He also told us that since he’s been in Juarez he’s been robbed by the POLICE twice. They asked to see his identification and then took his whole wallet and pulled the money out. Great =(   He’s also been robbed by other people a couple of times. In my opinion (and Mex’s) things back home would have to be pretty desperate to move to this town. It was very sad for both of us to hear his story… Just one of millions and millions of stories in this country. How horrible to live in a place where you cannot trust the police. The very people who are there to protect you. I give the Mexican president a lot of credit for trying to clean up both the local police and federal police forces but the corruption is so deep and ongoing it seems like an impossible task. In Minnesota, I would never hesitate twice to call the police in an emergency or run up to a policeman on the street if I was in trouble. I really can’t fathom what it would be like to live in a place like Juarez.

Seriously, I don’t know how we are going to sleep with this wind howling! We can’t even hear the TV over the wind!


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