Family photos

Gaby and Deysi

Ernesto (Neto)

This is Ernesto, who is Filogonia’s son. He is 19 and going to college studying plant biology (from what I can gather from the Spanish). He lives in the house where we are staying and has gone with us to the Feria (street market) and to Tlaxcala. He’s very quiet most of the time but has a great laugh.

Gaby is Filogonia’s daughter and she is 16 or 17, I can’t remember. She lives in the house we are staying in too. Deysi is on the right and she is our niece who came to Minnesota for our wedding. She is the daugher of  Macrena who died of cancer this past December.

Parents when they were around 20. Constancia and Hilario

This is a picture of my mother and father-in-law that I had refinished.  Constancia, died of a heart problem when my husband was 14. It was a life changing event for his whole family and was the turning point for his own future.

Andrea (Abelina) and Santos

My sister-in-law, Andrea (Abelina is her nickname) and her husband Santos. This picture is taken in front of the house of their son, Jorge (which is right next door to their house). There are 4 homes on their lot… theirs and one that each of their 3 sons has built. We call it a hotelria.

My husband with his dad, Hilario, who has been smiling for the last month since hearing his son was coming home (the last time he saw one of his sons was over seven years ago). He was waiting outside the gate of the house when we showed up at 8 at night. He doesn’t speak much but he always laughs and smiles and you can see how happy he is to have one of his sons home (all of the four live in MN).

Ely, Sofia, Abelina, Filo with their dad, Hilario

These are the four sisters that live in Tetelilla – The has three other sisters; one lives in a town an hour away, one passed away four months ago, and one died in childhood. Elizabeth (Ely) and Filogonia (Filo) live with his dad.


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