Week in Tetelilla

So my battery is about to die but I thought I needed to publish something so everyone knew we were alive and kicking (and sweating buckets!). The place we are in has wireless internet so hopefully I’ll be able to totally update everything from this past week including pictures by the end of the day tomorrow.

Here is a summary of our activities which I will expand on tomorrow when I have a fully charged battery.

Friday the 14th
– Miserable day of driving in big cities and topes (speed bumps bigger than elephants laying in the road). We arrived in Tetelilla after dark, much to our dismay, and Mex was a little lost because the buildings had changed, but his dad was sitting outside the house waiting for him. It was very emotional for Mex after 13 years to see his town and dad and sisters. He was struck by how much everyone had aged, especially his dad.

Charred Poblano chiles on the grill

Saturday the 15th– We spent the day at his sister Sofia’s house learning how to make chiles rellenos (and they were delicious!) and visited his brother Alejandro’s wife, Rosa.

Sunday the 16th– Tried to get money again which didn’t work. Went to a market in a nearby town – Jonacatepec

Market in Jonacatepec

Monday the 17th– trip to Tlaxcala – a city about 2 hours away, to visit Sofia’s in-laws.

Tuesday the 18th – Feria (big street market) in a town about 20 minutes away. We bought some cute things and my purse got slashed (nothing stolen except a tampon and pen… that’ll teach ’em). We visited his sister Andrea in the afternoon.

Wednesday the 19th – Lunch with his sister-in-law Rosa, did laundry for the first time

Thursday the 20th – We went to Las Estacas which is a totally awesome natural water park. All spring fed with huge palm trees.

Friday the 21st – Participated in a Good Friday procession.

Saturday the 22nd – Mex had a nasty stomach bug so we rested the whole day. Very odd since we ate exactly the same

Doing laundry the Mexican way

thing and I wasn’t sick at all.

Sunday the 23rd – We took a long sequence of buses from his town to Mexico City airport to pick up our friend, Maren.


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