Feria – fun stuff and purse slashings

Sofia "making a deal" on a stone rolling pin used to smash corn or beans.

On Tuesday we went to Huasulco, a nearby town, for a Feria which is basically a street market. They had all kinds of wonderful things there. Mex bought some things to send home with our friend Maren for his brothers. We bought a mortar and pestal that is shaped like a turtle and some little coffee cups that look like miniature Mexican jars. There was lots of candy and people selling fruit on a stick. I tried sugar cane for the first time. I liked the flavor but I didn’t like the fact that you chew it and then end up spitting most of it out again. It’s very fibrous and tough but Mex’s dad loves it. We tried to go to the Feria early in the day and were there by 10am but by 1pm when we were leaving it was very, very crowded.

"Sweets" for sale - mostly nuts pressed into bars with honey, sugar and other sticky substances. Chocolate is hard to find =(

Sometime in the last hour I ended up getting my purse slashed. I was lucky nothing was stolen. Mexico is infamous for purse slashings. I should have listened to Mex better and kept my purse in front of me but, when we were leaving, my hands were loaded with stuff and I forgot, letting it fall behind me. I never really took the threat seriously in a small town like we were in, probably less than 2000 people. I thought it was mainly a concern in bigger cities but I guess you need to watch out all over. So far that’s been the only bad thing that’s happened to us on the trip (stomach bugs aside). I was very sad since it was a special “travel” purse from the AAA store that was supposed to be more secure but they must use really sharp knives because it went through all five layers. Mex’s sister, Filogonia, had her purse slashed in Mexico City and they actually slashed her hip, too! I guess I’m “fortunate”!

Crafts for sale at the Feria in Huasulco

Purse slashing - all 5 layers of my expensive "tough" travel purse from the AAA store


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