Natural water park – Las Estacas

On Thursday (20th?) we went to Las Estacas which is a water park about an hour from Mex’s town.

River swimming area at Las Estacas

The water park was beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It was tropical with 120 foot or higher palms and green grass.

Giant palms at Las Estacas

There weren’t really pools but instead a river with crystal clear spring fed water that was slightly on the cool side but definitely tolerable and refreshing. There were places to dive off, places to swing like Tarzan into the water, a walking area, mini golf, an outdoor pool table… tons of stuff. We got there around noon and swam for a while then went to the head spring. It is really deep and you can dive from this 15 foot high rock. It was incredible. The path was covered in palms and banana trees and I felt like I was walking through a jungle. We floated down the river in parts because there was a very slight current. Similar to a park in Minnesota, it has open spaces for picnicking and grills set up. We brought salads and cecina which is one of my favorite Mexican meats. It’s very thinly sliced, cured beef.

Deysi preparing cecina (thinly cut steak) to grill for lunch

Right as we were leaving they were starting this contest and Mex, his nephews Jaime and Ernesto, his brother-in-law Leonardo and Leonardo’s nephew Candido made a team. They competed against two other teams and had to do a bunch of activities like tying all there legs together and running, diving for rock things in the river, swinging into the river, and finally a jump from the diving rock. They did end up winning the contest even though their average age was about 40 and the other teams were teenagers or early 20’s. They won thanks to Jaime’s backwards somersault dive into the water where he got the most applause from the audience. It was a very fun but exhausting day.

Mex getting his “Tarzan” on

Absolutely beautiful and amazing to know such natural places exist. Even the kiddie pool was fed by natural spring water only. There is a small hotel on the grounds and lots of people camping. We totally recommend going here if you are ever in the Cuernavaca area. It is about $24 US for a day pass so go early and bring enough pesos because they don’t take credit cards! Great fun!

(I did read a blog post from Midwesterner in Mexico who went there and the water was dirty so maybe it depends on the time of year. March was great.)


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