La Perla Restaurant – Acapulco

La Perla Restaurant's design mirrors the surrounding steep cliffs

We opted for dinner at La Perla Restaurant which is part of the Mirador Hotel Acapulco. The restaurant is built on a cliff itself and has a pre-set price for a

View of Clavadistas (cliff divers) from La Perla restaurant

three-course meal. It is pricy (around $35) but the cliff and diver views are awesome, there is live mariachi music in between diving shows and the restaurant itself is multi-leveled and all open air so you can enjoy fresh sea breezes. It seemed to be popular with tour groups. The hotel Mirador was a vacation spot for the rich and famous during the 40’s,  50’s and 60’s and there is a wall near the bathrooms of La Perla where celebrities have left their signatures.

We had great seafood dishes for the most part. My coconut shrimp was doughy and a little disappointing as I almost always find coconut shrimp. The cheesecake looked delicious but was lacking a little bit of sweetness. Dinner is served from 7 – 11 pm every day. Divers perform at 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 is a Torch-lit Grand Finale.

Mmmm... sitting on the sea eating seafood. Delish!

We were tempted by this lovely looking dessert, though it was distinctly less sweet than it appears.

Celebrity signature wall sporting the names of famous visitors from Acapulco's hey days in the 40's - 70's


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