The drive “home”

Acapulco Bay surrounded by cliffs.

It was very sad to load Maren in her taxi. We weren’t too sad to leave the beach but more sad that Maren was leaving. It was nice for both of us to have a little bit of our Minnesota lives here in Mexico. At times we are both getting stressed out about the way things are done here. Mex surprisingly more than me. I don’t think he realized how acclimated he had become to the way businesses and the government are run in the US… with rules that they actually follow.

On our way back from Acapulco I took another shot at driving. I have not driven since we were near the border because we just get a long better when Mex drives. However, I had already seen the road and figured I could get around the cities without any really big disasters. We did stop at one of the

Roadside rose stand near Cuernavaca

many roadside stands near Cuernavaca and bought some roses for his sisters. It was 40 pesos or about $4 for two dozen roses. I think I would have fresh flowers in the house every day if we lived in Mexico. They don’t last long in the heat but they are beautiful and seem more colorful here. Maybe because they are such a contrast to the dry, brown scenery we usually see during this Mexican dry season.

Since we had been letting his family cook for us the entire week before, we decided to stop and buy some groceries so we could cook for them. We stopped in Cuautla which is a city of over 115,000 about 30 minutes away at a Mega which is like a Cub Foods but with a few clothes and other miscellaneous items thrown in. There is a Sam’s Club there and a SuperWalmart is being built also. It was nice to be in a store with a “familiar” feel instead of the open markets, although they are definitely more charming. We got all the ingredients to make my Thai chicken recipe (although Maren had to bring the special Thai spice for us), Shrimp Ceviche and Chicken wild rice soup. All-in-all it took us about six hours to drive from Acapulco area back “home” to Tetelilla which wasn’t too bad. Overall, Mex decided he really didn’t like the Acapulco area at all. I’m a little more positive and think that we saw a very small portion of the area and there are probably some nice parts. It doesn’t really bother me that the ocean seems dirty because I’m not one to swim in salt water anyway… that’s why hotels have pools. I think we all had a good time and it was interesting to see someplace new and now we’ve been to at least one beach in Mexico so we can compare with others on future visits. Plus, for my dear sister and friend in Tennessee, it IS on “the list.”


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