Leaving ¨home¨

Sunday was a very nice day where all his sister´s that live in Tetelilla (four of them) were at the house preparing food for a big meal. We were going to go to Jonacatepec and use the

All the women in the family enjoying our last lunch

internet in the afternoon but it was just to social at his house and Mex was enjoying all the conversation, stories and laughs. We took a bunch of pictures but no one ever looked at the camera at the same time. The food was fabulous and his sisters and nieces were all there. Poor Mex is the only guy at these dinners but he doesn´t seem to mind because he gets lots of attention. I must say they really love their ¨hermanito¨ or ¨little brother.¨ We had garlic soaked shrimp, two kinds of fish, chicken that reminded me of my mom´s teriyaki chicken wings, nopales salad, and spaghetti. Wonderful and we felt so spoiled and stuffed.

On Monday morning his sister Abelina (Andrea) came over about 9 when we were done with breakfast. We had already packed the car so we just did some last minute visiting then went over to his sister Sofia´s house where she was making tortas to take to the school. We helped with the tortas but, finally, around 10 we had to say goodbye. It was very tearful for all of us and only made better by the fact that we know we will soon be able to visit whenever we want. It will not be a long time before he sees his family again! However, it didn´t really make us feel better as we hugged everyone and got into the car and left town. His sister´s are so hospitable and friendly and generous that I really did feel like part of the family even though my communication wasn´t the best. Although when his oldest sister Filo tells stories and his sister Abelina laughs and smiles you don´t need to speak the language to understand the happiness they feel. We are both

The final picture of our Hometown Mexico

looking forward to the next time we visit them and we will be starting to speak Spanish at home so I am more prepared. I so want to share in their stories and be able to tell my own! I did bring pictures of friends and family and was able to eek out a few stories but next time will be better.

Now we are on the second part of our journey. The journey to our Minnesota home. We are also looking forward to returning and seeing our friends and family that are there and getting back into our daily routine. Traveling is fun, eye-opening and exhausting all at the same time.

Another random tip- for those of you that use Tabasco sauce you should toss it and buy Valentina hot sauce. It is a Mexican brand of hot sauce that isn´t mega spicy but actually has a great flavor not just a heat. Don´t forget that when you´re in Mexico wash down your Valentina with Victoria beer NOT Corona or Modelo!

Father and son. Now I know what my hubby will look like in 40 years! I have to get him a hat!


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