Day trip number one went off without a hitch. We didn’t end up spending too much time in Querétaro though because we aren’t really museum people and are getting a little “churched out” so we actually ran out of things to do. In hindsight, it is a shame we didn’t spend at least a little time in the museum’s. Querétaro city (the capital of Querétaro state) was the location of some major events in Mexican history. At the beginning of the 19th century, conspirators (including the famous Miguel Hidalgo) plotting to free Mexico from Spanish rule met at the house of Doña Josefa Ortiz. (Her house is now the Palacio de Gobierno). After they were discovered, she was locked in her house but managed to whisper through a keyhole that the conspirators were in danger. This lead to Hidalgo’s famous “Grito de Dolores” which is repeated by leaders across the country every year on the night of September 15th, starting out Mexico’s Independence Day celebration.

We took the bus and arrived about 10:30, then needed to take a taxi downtown. The city has a colorful, colonial feel, though not as dramatic as either San Miguel or Guanajuato. There are a number of plazas downtown linked by pedestrian streets. It made for pleasant walking. There is a Spanish only trolley tour which leaves from near the main plaza. Of course we hopped on to save our feet and get an overview of town. We

Aqueduct "Los Arcos" or "The Arches"

saw the major sites like the 1.28 km aqueduct with over 70 arches which is still carries water to the city from 14 km away. The Hill of the Bells where Emperor Maximilian was assassinated. There are no real bells there but the rocks have a combination of metals in them that makes them sounds like bells when you hit them against each other.

Even though Mex’s stomach is still questionable we did eat  food from this little restaurant near where the trolley left. It had the most fabulous sopes and it’s been 7 hours and we haven’t gotten sick so I think we’re home free. We’ll see…. we took the 3:30 bus back to San Miguel and plan on spending the evening around here.


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