Road trip

For some odd reason our trip north took two hours less than our way south, covering the same distance. We went from Zacatecas to Chihuahua city in about eight hours with four gas stops, many bathroom stops and a quick, greasy lunch. I can´t wait to eat a salad again! I never thought I´d say that since lettuce is one of my least favorite foods! This morning when we left the car thermometer said 47 degrees. Of course I was still in my tank top but I did unroll my pants from capri´s to full length. It felt fabulous!

Nothing much to report. We did get stopped twice at military checkpoints but only had to get out of the car for a search once. There are at least two more points before the border that we remember and I´m sure we´ll get stopped. I just hope they don´t have to unpack all our stuff. The suitcases I don´t mind but the dishes would stink because I don´t think we could get them back in the two boxes.

Overall our driving experience has been pretty good.


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