Ah Chihuahua!

Pancho Villa's home in Chihuahua City

Yes, they really do say that here. In fact it is on all their tourism posters! Today we had the tour of town on our own since the trolley was broken. We saw the Pancho Villa museum which luckily had translations in English. There was lots of memorabilia including the bullet-ridden car where he was murdered while in Parral by assassins (although apparently there are a number of places that claim to have the car Villa was assassinated in so authenticity is a little in question). It was interesting because the museum was in his old house that was given to the woman the government declared his legal wife (he had many others too) after his murder. I keep getting the heroes of the 1810 revolution confused with those of the 1910 revolution but Villa is from the latter.

We also saw the small Hidalgo museum which is where he was assassinated by the government in 1817 (I think). He is the one who gave the cry for freedom that is celebrated on Mexican Independence day on September 15 and 16th. The Government buildings all have beautiful murals covering their walls that depict Mexican history.

There is a gorgeous mansion here called Quinta Gameros that was built in the early 1900´s by a rich silver miner for his fiance but during the four years of construction she fell in love with the architect according to one story and died according to another… maybe both, who knows. After sitting on the plaza for an hour and people watching we grabbed some Domino´s and headed back to the hotel. Juarez is only about five hours away with a stop to turn in our car permit but we want to get an early start tomorrow just to make sure there are no car problems or anything else. The computer here is some odd brand so I´m not even going to try and upload any more pictures.

Another random note about Mexico… Don`t travel here expecting US style customer service. Most of the hotels and restaurants and bus stations and banks and where ever else really don`t care if you are unhappy. That has been a difficult adjustment for both of us. Twice when his brother has sent us money the place where you pick it up didn`t have enough money to give us (only $300). This is even though the place in the US guarantees that the person in Mexico will have it in two hours or less. Very frustrating. Also, when you use your credit card the receipt shows your entire number plus the expiration date. We noticed two charges on my credit card from Juarez that we don`t remember making. It`s easy to remember since I`ve only used it about five times. Our advice… bring enough cash to pay for everything in interior Mexico! It probably isn`t such a big deal in a resort place like Cancun but you never know.

Ok. Buenas noches everyone. I might not type tomorrow (or maybe just a short one to let you know we are at our hotel) but I will type some sort of update on Thursday afternoon or evening.

Hope and pray and all that good stuff! We BOTH hope to see all of you very, very soon!


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  1. foosh, foosh, foosh! There, that’s all good wishes being fooshed in your direction! We’ll also be crossing our fingers and toes and everything else but mostly just praying for you both!!!

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