Big surprise in Juarez

Ok… I´m impressed at all of you out there who can keep secrets so well… Or maybe you just haven´t figured out how to post comments on the blog yet.

We just got off the phone with my mother. First of all we were totally shocked that she called and managed to get through to our hotel (although she did say it took 90 minutes). Second of all she was calling from El Paso, Texas!!! They were at our hotel this morning in Juarez trying to check in but apparently there were no rooms (thank goodness we made a reservation just two days ago!) and they didn´t know how long to wait for us so the went back across the border after about two hours. They did get to experience some classic Mexican driving though with buses cutting them off, police whizzing by in trucks and a guy in a rusty car U-turning across 6 lanes of traffic.

They are coming back across in the morning to have breakfast with me at the hotel buffet since Mex will already be gone for his interview. It will be fabulous to have them here and not be waiting by myself.

We won´t lie, this did dash our hopes of going to Vegas… But somehow, we don´t seem to mind.



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4 responses to “Big surprise in Juarez

  1. All fingers and toes are crossed! Hope it all goes well tomorrow and I’m sending lots of good thoughts to the two of you from (finally springtime and no more snow) MN!!

  2. I was so excited for you two once your dad told us that they were coming back down there. I had to double check each of my comments before I posted to make sure I didn’t mention it. I knew you’d need them there waiting with you and helping you pass the time. Good luck and wishes and all my prayers!!!

  3. Your e-mails were in my junk mail, darn-it. I marked ya safe here & pray everything is safe there too! Your pictures are incredible, have a maragarita for me too!

  4. Looks like your having a great time, have a margarita or two for me!

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