Ugh… here again

Neither of us are incredibly excited to get back to Juarez but it is almost comical how easy it seems to be driving in this city after the major crisis when we got here. I guess that´s what seven weeks of practice will do for you! And maybe because Mex was driving instead of me but don´t tell him I typed that! We saw the newspaper announce that crime is on the rise with 2000 car thefts and 200 murders in the months of February and March. Oh well… We feel safe in this hotel and don´t plan to leave for anything the rest of the day. We got a suite by the pool which is hopefully warmer than it was last time or we won´t be enjoying it too much. It is around 90 here so maybe a quick dip in a cold pool wouldn´t be so bad! We are optimistic and only got a room for one night. PRAY AND HOPE FOR US!

Chihuahua state totally reminds me of a western movie complete with scrubby dessert, dust devils, sandstorms and even tumbleweed blowing across the road. It´s amazing how much greener things have gotten since our trip down. The peach and pecan trees that line the highway in ranches are starting to get their leaves and the brush in the dessert is actually green. Farmers irrigate their crops although I can´t imagine there is enough water here to do that!

One thing I wish I had after three weeks without using the car AC is tinted windows. Whenever I saw a car with them in Florida I always joked about them being for pimps or drug dealers trying not to get recgnized but OH NO! EVERYONE should have them in Mexico! It doesn´t seem to matter what direction we are driving, there is sun beating in the window heating us up and having the windows down is no help. I did manage to get burned through the window a few times. I´ve burned and peeled so many times I´ll be a whole new person under my freckles by the time I get back.

We are both so excited to see everyone! We should be able to count the days on two hands until we are sleeping in our own beds (even if Mex gets his way and we detour for a day through Vegas).

Oh yeah… one piece of excitement for the trip today… As we were leaving Chihuahua city we got pulled over by a cop who told Mex the speed limit was 70 KPH NOT 70 MPH which he was going close too. He took Mex´s license which made both our hearts stop and told him he had to go back in the city to pay a fine before he could get it back. We stayed calm and Mex asked him if he could write down the directions for us because we had no idea where to go. At that time he must have decided it wasn´t worth it and he gave Mex´s license back and told us to slow down. The cops can take your license away from you (which we had been warned about by the nice RVing guy on our copper canyon train ride) but it still freaked us out.

Well I guess it wouldn´t be a proper road trip without the car trouble and cop action right? =) No harm done. Our car has a few small door dings now which makes me sad since it was six years old and in perfect condition but at least we will ALL leave in one piece! TOMORROW!

Hope and pray.

All our best to you as well and thank you for your support and wonderful thoughts.

Much love,
Min and Mex


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  1. We need you to call 915 778 3311 Room 129 asap. Or try one of our cell phones. Love ya,Mom and Dadfnvjw

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