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Mom and dad just left to go back across the border where they will wait for us until tomorrow (Can I say Ok.. . since I was just so ecstatic to get out the message I didn´t leave any details…

Mex got to the US consulate at 7 a.m. and waited until 7:30 to go inside- this is record time for consulate visits so far. He went inside the building, paid the fee and received a receipt. Then they sent him to a different building for this Waiver interview than the first family visa interview. Then he had to stand in line for half an hour. He had to show another receptionist his paid receipt and give her just his main application form (not the documentation). Then he got a number and had to sit and wait.

After another 45 minutes they called his name and he went to the window and gave them his passport and all 101 pages of documentation we brought with us to prove why he needs to be in the US with me. The Consul asked him when he came to the US and if he ever had problems with the authorities (a big NO!) which are the same questions they asked last time. They he told Mex to have a seat and wait. At about 12:30 the Consul called his name again and told him our case was approved! (YIPPEE!)

He has to go there at 9am to get his VISA and then we will dash across the border as fast as we can and start driving. We are still planning a few stops along the way back to take a little time and enjoy ourselves and our happiness. Mom and dad are totally happy and it is wonderful for both of us to share this with them (and to not have to drive any more!!) Lucky for me because I told Mex if he drove in Mexico I´d drive the whole way back to MN. Oh well… Lucky for me mom and dad are totally sneaky!

Thank you a million times and more to every one who has hoped and prayed for us and for everyone who helped us by writing letters of support. We are happier than you can imagine to start our lives together without anything else hanging over our heads. The thing that makes us most happy is we can now go visit Mex´s family whenever we want! Yay!

Much love and we will truly BOTH see you soon!


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  1. Everyone here at the office send their congratulations and “yippees”! We can’t wait for the next “Broker Breakfast” to hear all the rest of the details!

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