Cake never tasted so good

Well, we just received the warmest welcome I can imagine from our friends at church this morning. We were fashionably late (5 minutes) or so and tried to sneak in the back door when our pastor burst into an announcement welcoming us back in front of the whole congregation who then proceeded to clap for us. There was an awesome welcome back cake for Mex with a American and Mexican flag on it. It tasted fabulous, made better by the fact we were eating it in our church with friends. Somehow the last four days have flown by. We have finished the laundry (all seven loads), shoved our souvenirs in a corner of the living room, tried to sort through the mail (quite unsuccessfully) and visited our family. Though it seems we were never gone there are the echoes of Tetelilla and our tour across Mexico ringing through our minds. We very much miss the evening “dinner,” sitting around with his sisters listening to stories and hearing them laugh. It is wonderful to have a big family surround you and to eat together. The family time was the most special part of our trip. I loved the fact that I didn’t need to be fluent in Spanish for them to love me or me to love them, for us to share laughs or hugs.

We of course learned a few things about travelling as well… number one (as I have said multiple times) is BYO-TP! Another thing would be a high recommendation for the Lonely Planet brand of guidebooks. We also had Fodor’s and Insight guides. Fodor’s is poorly organized, hard to follow and has mainly beach destinations. Insight guides have great cultural information and pictures but very little hotel and restaurant info. The Lonely Planet guide had tons of destinations, even smaller towns, great city maps, and lots of hotels and restaurants listed. The prices are a little off sometimes (once as much as double) on the hotels so it is good to double-check on the internet first. The only thing I would LOVE to see them add is a perforation for ripping out the map and taking it with you and a spot for notes on the back of the map page. I did tear out my maps and then brought just that with us but there was always something important on the back pages or no real room to write.


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