Putting it on paper

As most of you can probably tell, I love to write. Most of you can also tell that I LOVE to travel. Every summer the U of M offers week long courses in writing or art, called Split Rock Arts Program, where people can go and improve there skills. I happened to be looking through the brochure when we were sorting our mail some time in early May and noticed that this summer there is a class on Travel Writing and it is being taught by Catherine Watson who was the travel editor of the Star Tribune for 25 years. Unfortunately, the classes are quite expensive and our “fun” funds are severely depleted after two months of vacation. They do offer a few scholarships each summer so I decided to apply. I had to send in a writing sample since scholarships are based on financial need and on “merit”. I just found out today that I got a full scholarship for the price of the class AND room and board (it’s at the Cloquet Forestry Center). Now it is quite possible that there was no merit involved and I was the only applicant for the scholarship but I think I will cling to the hope that I have some potential and could someday even get paid to write! A dream of mine since high school! I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and hope to expand some of my blog entries into more interesting essays. It is such a great opportunity to spend a week with an instructor that has traveled the world and, even more importantly, gotten paid to do it! Yay!

No news on the job front for Mex yet… he’s going to speak to the manager at his old job tomorrow and see if he can get something temporary while he keeps looking since he is going crazy being at home. We’re keeping up the search and dropping off résumés though because he would like something new.


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