Finally an interview!

Yay! Mex finally got a call back. We were starting to fear that we have been too picky in looking for his new job. He wanted something reasonably close to our house, with benefits and better pay than his last job. Of course we were hoping for regular hours during the week, instead of the typical nights and weekends of the restaurant world. Therefore, he’s only found about four jobs that fit that description.

Yesterday he went to the Presbyterian Senior home in North Oaks. It was a little further away from us than I thought when he applied but it was the most gorgeous and gigantic building I’ve ever seen for senior housing. There must be room for 500 people and they are still expanding. It is not a nursing home or assisted living. It seems like just senior reduced income housing. The people living there pay only $260 a month and there are parks, full service dining, indoor pool, pool tables and all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, when Mex showed up for his interview the chef was out due to a family emergency but he got a tour of the kitchen and filled out some more applications. He’ll have to go in a second time and meet the chef.

He also dropped off applications at the Bon Appetit food service at Target and Medtronic locations so he’ll have to call and follow up with the chefs later this week.

That’s all for now! Hopefully the next update will include a new job report!


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