Surprise in Mexico

Here we are again in my husband´s hometown, Tetelilla, Mexico. We left at 6am on Sunday (after about 2 hours of sleep) and finally got to his town at 7:30pm. When we got there his sisters weren´t home but as we went over to the gate and were standing there trying to decide what to do, his dad suddenly opened the door and looked right at us. He was quite surprised and tried to open the gate thinking we had our car (which we wish we did). I was totally surprised that the house was decorated with lots of Christmas lights.

We were able to haul all our stuff into the house we stay in and then sit and talk to his dad for awhile before his sister´s Filo and Sofia came back and his 8-year-old niece Arlin (who is completely crazy about him!). I think his poor sister Filo almost had a heart attack when she saw us and they both were so excited. We went to bed before his sister Eli (the one that is my age) got home and his sister Filo didn´t tell her we were there so last night when she got home from work we were able to surprise her as well. It was very fun to see how surprised and happy they were to see us. They also had kept it secret from his sister Andrea so we had gone to visit her in the afternoon and surprised her. Mex asked her why our lunch wasn´t ready… He loves giving his sister´s a hard time and they totally laugh and say ¨Ay hermanito¨ which is kind of like saying “Oh Little Brother” and they have huge smiles.

Last night we went to a posadas celebration (This is our nieces Gabi and Deysi – who was at our wedding) and it was very nice. A lot of ceremony which I can´t figure out is Mexican or Catholic or both since there is probably little separation in a country that 95% of the people are Catholic. We went to one house and took some candles and flowers and walked in a procession while some people carrying a statue of Mary and Joseph (very similar to the Good Friday Procession, although with different characters of course) and everyone was singing. Then we walked around for about 15 minutes and went to someones house and there were people inside singing pretending to be the innkeeper and then the people outside pretending to be Mary and Joseph trying to find a place for the night. When they opened the gate to let everyone in it was like a herd of cows pushing. Probably like going shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the states. Once inside there is a little more singing and praying and then the host family hands out glasses of corn water (Mex can´t remember the name – maybe atole de granillo) and then everyone lines up to walk through the house and get a bag full of treats. Mostly the treats are animal crackers but Mex remembers when he was little they got mandarin oranges and sugar cane also. It was very nice and I´m glad I got to see it since I´ve been fascinated with the Posadas since I read about them in Spanish class.
Over all the weather now is just about perfect. We no longer sweat just sitting in the shade. His poor family is wrapped in sweaters and shivering and Mex and I are in short sleeves telling them they don´t know what cold is! I´m sooooooo glad it´s not as hot as before. Today we took the bus to Cuautla (about 15 miles away) to go to the big grocery store and get some vegetables like green peppers and carrots and potatoes that they don´t have in his town right now. We did find a place with our favorite ice cream and got a little and also saw a bakery with the largest cakes you´ve ever seen for weddings and quinceañeras (15th birthdays). I took some pictures but I think the lady was kind of mad but I just gave her a blank look and she left me alone. The whole family is coming over to his dad´s house tomorrow because they celebrate on the 24th with a big dinner. It will be nice to have everyone in one place and hopefully I´ll be able to take lots of pictures and video. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I´ll try to put up more pictures.

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