Lights and sparks… and more animal crackers

Yesterday we went to another posada celebration, actually two… the first one was the same as before but the second one was a little more exciting. They were going to hang piñatas up and someone thought it was a good idea to connect the rope to the roof on one side of the street and to an electric wire on the other side. A couple guys were playing with the rope in the middle trying to get ready to hang the piñata and I was taking a picture of a house on the corner with lights when all of a sudden there were sparks down the street. I thought it was fireworks but the everyone started screaming and running and Mex was yelling my name. It took me a second to figure out it was the electric wires. I figured it out quickly when the bulbs started flashing and then went out in all the houses on the street. It was quite hilarious after the initial fear of electrocution was over. Then we came back to Mex’s house and sat around eating our animal crackers and waiting for his sister Ely to come home from work.

Today is Christmas Eve but it doesn’t feel like it since it is warm and sunny and not cold and snowy. Kind of like the Christmas we spent in Florida. Just not quite right… Right now his sisters are preparing for the afternoon dinner. Mex and I made tuna noodle salad for them but I’m not sure what they will think of it. They have wireless internet and I was going to hook up to it so I could use Skype and talk to my parents but it needs a password and they don’t know what it is so I can’t connect. Oh well. Maybe his nephew will let us download Skype on his computer for two weeks so I can use it. We’ll see. it would be kind of fun for my family to see Mex’s and vice versa. Maybe they’ll figure out the password and I can use my computer. Anyway, we should go help cook if they will let us. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! We are thinking of you.


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