Christmas Eve in Tetelilla

So Christmas Eve is like the grand finale of the Posadas. It is kind of like Halloween on steriods with the baby Jesus and lots of praying thrown in. We walked around town for 3 hours searching for processions and then when we saw one we would run to catch up to it and squeeze into the house listening to the prayers until it was time to put Jesus in the manger. Then everyone pushes and squeezes out the little door to get the bag of treats which are a little more impressive on Christmas eve. We got tamales, chicken tortas (sandwiches), marshmallows, punch, pop and tons of other stuff.

Here is the punch that we had to drink. It has sugar cane and lots of fruits that I don’t know the name of because we don’t have them in the US, except guavas and cinnamon. They simmer it all day and then add some tequila. It was delicious! We also had atole which is like a think drink made of ground up rice.
I gotta run now. I’ll write more later.

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