Lots of visiting

Here is a picture of our pile of treats from the posadas on Christmas Eve. Totally crazy and not nearly enough chocolate for me but lots of these things called chicharones that are sort of like a cheeto without the cheese and with either a salt and lime flavor or chili flavor.

Here is Mex with his younger sister (30) Ely on Saturday after we went to a Quinceañera (15th birthday party) for a distant relative of Mex’s called Astrid Linely who was actually born in the US and lives in New Jersey most of the time. It was a giant party with at least 500 people in this family’s back yard. His sister thought a party like that probably cost about $10,000 which just amazes me. That’s more than our wedding cost! It was totally fun to get dressed up with his sisters and nieces Gaby and Deysi and go to the party though. There was barbacoa, beans and rice to eat and I did eat the meat (beef) even though I was sick last time in Mexico both times I ate beef. Luckily, I didn’t get sick this time. They had great green salsa. We didn’t stay for the giant cake but we did stay to see the first dance where the Quinceañera dances with her chanbelanes (her closest guy friends- you can see one in the white jacket here) which was to Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” so at least I understood the words. We took a movie but those don’t show up on the blog. Then there is a coronation where she gets a crown put on her and then they change her shoes which symbolizes her changing from a girl to a woman. It is hard to see the girls dress in this photo but it was very pretty. I believe the Quinceañera is a nice tradition for a girl because it gives her an opportunity to be princess for a day besides her wedding.
Other than that we haven’t been doing much except sitting around and visiting. Mex and I are getting a little restless with not much “action” as Mex likes to say. Every day consists of sweeping and mopping and cleaning and more cleaning. Washing dishes and clothes by hand certainly takes more time than loading a washer at home. My feet are horribly dirty and dry and do not come clean no matter how much soap I put on them. I think they only look so much dirtier than everyone else’s because they are so pale compared to everyone else’s. His family is going to come for New Year’s but it isn’t as big a production as Mex remembers. His sister Abelina (Andrea) did get to talk on my computer with her kids and grandkids and see them which was nice for all of them. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that again. I showed his sister Ely how to use Skype so hopefully we can talk to them that way from now on instead of paying for phone cards.
Well, that’s all for now. I’m getting more sore throat back (I had one for 10 days before we left) which is unfortunate since spicy food doesn’t agree with it and I don’t have any of my pain medicine with me. Ay qué lástima as my hubby would tell me (too bad!).

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