Doctoring south of the border

 Mex and I went to the dentist yesterday and had our teeth cleaned. For both of us it was less than $30. Pretty awesome considering neither of us have dental insurance and we usually pay $120 each. She really didn’t do a great job on my teeth, basically just scraping all the plaque off but not polishing them or anything but I figure as long as I go once a year in the US for a heavy duty clean I can manage to skimp a little and come down here. She did spend more time on Mex because he hadn’t been to the dentist in over a year (ugh!).

Yesterday my sore throat that I had before coming here came back in full force so today Mex and I went to the doctor in town. He was quite young, probably in his 30’s which surprised me but was very nice. Basically asked a bunch of questions (which Mex answered of course) and then looked quickly at my throat and gave me amoxicillin and two other pills. And what did the consultation AND medicine cost? About $25, barely what my copays in the US would be. Not too shabby. Although I think there must be something stronger in the medicine here because my stomach doesn’t feel so hot after taking the pills. Oh well!

 Mex and his nephew Neto just loaded the piñata with candy and are trying to figure out where to hang it. I think we are going to the plaza around midnight to see all the fireworks. Hopefully some of my pictures will turn out because I don’t really have the knack for taking night shots yet. All right, I better get back to the family. Happy new year everyone!


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