New Year’s Day

 Mex and Neto hanging up the piñatas for New Year’s (even though we still haven’t cracked them open). Mex’s whole family came over last night and we had dinner together, starting the meal at about midnight. We ate shrimp soup, quesadillas (which are more like what we would call tacos) and potato salad – who would have thought that was a Mexican treat- and this chicken that was pounded almost completely flat and then breaded and fried.

These are some of our nieces and nephews – Neto 20, Gaby 18, Deysi 23, Edgar almost 18. Mex’s dad even stayed up this time and came over to eat. He didn’t on Christmas and I think Filo (the oldest sister) gave him a lecture, telling him we were here to see him, not all of them. We toasted at midnight which is similar to in the US but then we went around and gave everyone hugs. It was really nice to be able to spend New Year’s with them and Mex was happy he was able to hug his dad for the new year, something he hasn’t done for 13 years. We ended up going to bed around 2 am.We still didn’t get to crack open the piñatas. Oh well. My pictures did not turn out very clearly because I didn’t use the flash. His family glares at me a little when I take photos as it is so I didn’t want to make them mad. It was a different experience to spend New Year’s with family since we usually celebrate with friends in the US. Except the last few years we have gone over to Mex’s brother’s house. Oh well, that’s all for tonight. I’m going to try to call my mama on Skype.

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