About to leave

We are getting ready to leave today after our two weeks in Mex’s home town. It is sad and happy at the same time. We are glad to go back to our home and work (scary I know) but we are sad to be leaving his family again knowing we won’t be back here for quite a few months. It is definitely a lot colder here in the mornings. I just love his dad in this blanket. He looks like the perfect picture of a little Mexican grandpa. He didn’t seem to smile as much during the time we were here. I’m not sure if the novelty of seeing Mex has worn off or if he isn’t feeling good and just doesn’t want to tell anyone. 

Today we packed and went around looking around his town some more taking pictures and buying some presents for his family in the states. We also went to the cemetery because I wanted to see where his mother was buried and also his sister Hilaria that died last December. They are both buried in the same grave. All those flowers are from December 9th when it was the 1st anniversary of her death. It was sad to go there but it was nice to see it. Mex’s mom’s name is no longer on the gravesite because the paint has worn off the cross (she died in Sept of 1991) but he asked his sisters if they could have it painted back on.
I don’t have time to write much more because we want to visit with his family some more.
Buenas noches everyone and we’ll hope for a safe journey back to Minnesota tomorrow. Dad told me it is -10. Gee, we can’t wait! =( 


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  1. we saved the cold for you!

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