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One year anniversary

Well, today marks a year since our first full day on the road to Mexico (we left at about 8pm the night of the 24th). We were nervous, scared and unsure of our future. Now, we look back and realize how lucky we were to have a two month road trip and to see so many places across both of our countries. Unfortunately, throughout most of the trip we were anxious and did not fully enjoy the experience because we were so worried about his interview. It is also sad that we had to spend 10 days of our trip in the horrible city of Juarez but we did get to spend three full weeks with Mex’s family as well. The last year 10 months of being back in Minnesota has given us perspective on our trip and taught us to take advantage of the opportunities you have and enjoy each experience as you are going through it. Don’t worry about the future too much because it can overshadow your enjoyment of the present.


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