Reality TV?

Well, I’ll admit that I am addicted (somewhat unhealthily) to crime shows like “Forensic Files,” “NCIS,” “CSI” and the like. One that I don’t watch too frequently because it can be extremely disturbing is “Criminal Intent.” However, the trailer for the most recent episode intrigued me so I tuned in. The storyline was about a serial killer near the Texas/Mexico border who was riding around on a 4-wheeler chasing illegal aliens through the desert, killing and beheading them. Not only that but there was a scene that showed a coyote (the term used for people who are paid to smuggle the aliens across) running a safe house where the aliens stop before moving on to their final destination. The coyote raped one of the women, and she was begging the FBI agent not to let her son see her that way. It was all very unsettling and sad because I know these shows usually have a thread of truth running through them.

It is not hard to believe that the people who are so vulnerable in crossing get taken advantage of and abused. I know people who have brought their young children across and now as I’m getting closer to having my own child I am torn when I think what I would do. Risk the life of my child for the promise of a better life? Leave him behind with family and go myself so I can send money home to give him a better life, but a life without me in it?

I have admiration for the people who make the journey across fences, rivers, desert and mountains to try and give their families a better life. I have seen some of the areas with extreme poverty in Mexico and it isn’t hard to imagine people feeling hopeless and like they have no other options. I am also thankful for the people I know who have made the journey, because without them my life would be completely different.


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