El Guapo’s Taqueria on the Cape

Guapo Shore Shack - not really sure what this VW bus has to do with Mexican food...

After a morning at one of the many over-crowded beaches in Cape Cod, our little boy passed out in his car seat. My husband and I went in search of some fish tacos. I used my Trip Advisor iPhone app, even though it has lead us to two closed restaurants in as many days. Called “El Guapo Taqueria” on Trip Advisor, the logo says “El Guapo’s” while the sign proclaims “Guapo Shore Shack” though it is at least two miles in from any shoreline. There are few seats inside, so be prepared to sit outside and hope for good weather. The menu boasts “Burritos, Burgers, Beer” and I would say they are more heavy on the Burgers than the Burritos.

Simple, crisp, and flavorful... Just the fish taco we were craving!

The fish tacos were simple and delicious. Two corn tortillas stacked up and some fried fish, piled with shredded cabbage, zingy lime cream dressing, chopped tomatoes and onion. The fish – local cod – was perfectly fried in a light, crispy batter which was not too thick or doughy. The plain shredded cabbage was fresh and plain, not tossed in a dressing like at some places.  Since chips and salsa were not free, we decided to “upgrade” to guacamole. Save your money folks! The chips were hard and had a semi-burnt taste like the frying oil needed changing. The guacamole had no spice or liminess, and there was a whole chunk of avocado the size of the seed in our small portion.

If you’re in the area the Fish tacos are worth the stop! Pick some up and take them with to the beach. Near the rail line bike trail as well.

Rating: Average – (great fish tacos but due to the staple of chips and guac being below par we can’t rate it too high)

239 Underpass Road
Brewster MA 02631

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