I am a Minnesota woman who met and fell in love with a Mexican man. This blog started as a way to keep in contact with friends and family during a two month trip (March and April 2008) through Mexico in a quest for my husband’s Permanent Resident Visa or “Green Card.” Since then it has evolved into a reflection on the issues we face as a biracial and bicultural couple. Our current challenge is to raise a bilingual son who loves both Mexican and Minnesotan cultures. We love to travel, cook and spend time as a family.

In addition to sharing our personal story, we hope to spread an appreciation for Latino culture (with a Scandanavian-Minnesota twist whenever possible), by providing information about events, sharing interesting books and movies, and detailing our experiences cooking and tasting our way around our home-state of Minnesota in search of delicious Latin-inspired cuisine.

*Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of the subject of immigration, some names of Minnesota people and places have been changed, but description of our personal events are accurate.  Going along with the theme of our blog, our family is referred to as Min (for the Minnesota girl) and Mex (for my Mexican husband). Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy our story.


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