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To switch or not to switch

In preparation for some life changes and getting back into the swing of blogging (partly to stay competitive with my big sis’ who’s started a really great blog at I’ve been looking into WordPress and thinking of switching things over there. They seem to have a lot more flexibility in design (85 templates vs. about 15 for blogger) and a big bonus is that I can import all of my posts over there. So if you are a reader and have stuck by me though I haven’t posted anything in almost 6 months (pregnancy has definitely turned my world upside down for awhile) don’t be surprised if you see a change in the near future… Well, “near” might be an optimistic word since I’ve been the ultimate procrastinator.


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Computer problems


Every time I try to turn my computer on it says ´Configuring updates stage 3 of 3 – 0% complete – Do not turn off your computer. ´

I have Windows Vista Business. This is happening right when I turn it on so I can´t even push control alt delete.

It won´t let me restart it or do absolutely anything. After about 5 minutes of trying to update itself it shuts down and restarts and tries again to reboot.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do?

It´s a Sony but I think the problem is with Vista Business.

Help me! I can´t get to my pictures or upload any more or do anything! ugh!

Please email me if you know what to do, I can´t figure out how to do that email symbol on this keyboard.

I will write about our trip to Guanajuato later but I don´t want to distract anyone from helping me with my problems. =)

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