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This is one of my favorite Romantic Comedies of all time, even before I met Mex! While some things are over the top cultural notes (like the full mariachi band at the family dinner), the over all feel of the movie is sweet and funny with a great balance of characters.

    movie-maria-full-of-grace  Highly recommend as an intense drama. This movie is in Spanish with English subtitles but don’t let that deter you. It is about a 17-year-old girl from Columbia and her journey from hard labor at a flower factory helping support her family to teenage pregnancy to becoming a drug mule. It is an eye-opening story to watch and is shot like a documentary making the story hit home in a stunning and emotional way.
    movie-prada-to-nada  Not worth the rental in my book. I had high hopes for this as a movie about American girls of Mexican descent reconnecting with their heritage. The spoiled sisters who grew up wealthy and refusing to acknowledge their Mexican heritage are forced to learn about it when their father dies, leaving them penniless and living with their aunt in the heart of the Latino district in LA.
    movie-tortilla-soup Love it!  Do not watch this movie without a hefty snack nearby or you will be pausing to run and get one. Food is one of the main stars in this movie and the gorgeous ingredients and cooking scenes will get you drooling. A wonderful story about family, family business, and realizing that what success looks like is in the eye of the beholder.



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