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Can I have this view every day?

Well we decided to take advantage of our beachside location and just lounge around all day Friday. That was more Maren and my idea than Mex since he gets bored “just doing nothing” and the boredom made him a little sour by the end of the day. A quick round of Phase 10 cheered him up before bed. But that’s getting ahead of myself… For the first time since getting to Mexico (actually since being notified of his interview) Mex and I stayed in bed until after 10. It must have been Maren’s influence and our exhaustion from the sun or maybe just our complete enjoyment of the air-conditioned room. Whatever the reason it felt fabulous even though we were probably actually awake by 8ish. I guess it’s ok to lounge once every two months or so, right mom and dad? =)

Enjoying himself? Not really…

Anyway, not much to report from the day except swimming in the pool and walking on the beach. We didn’t sit in hammocks because we got up too late and all the good ones were full. If you sit too far down on the beach than the vendors come and try to sell you swim suit wraps, hats, necklaces and horseback rides. Sadly, it doesn’t even work to pretend you are sleeping. For lunch we strolled to the place next door which was always busy and had lunch. It is called the Tres Marias and is a hotel that seems nice and restaurant that is always busy. The food was alright and the view good. In the afternoon we treated ourselves to a strawberry margarita at the swim up bar, sweet and refreshing in the heat. Somehow I managed to avoid any very bad sunburns although my freckles have definitely multiplied and are soon going to turn into one giant mass covering my body. Mex’s forearms are darker than I’ve ever seen them and Maren managed to get some nice color that will hopefully last her until summer.

Did we mention the gorgeous sunsets?

After watching another incredible sunset, Maren and I once again enjoyed pizza but it had a different flavor than the first night and I didn’t really like it. I suppose it serves me right for not ordering seafood or Mexican food. Mex did get some fresh fish and he said it was good. The atmosphere of our hotel restaurant was definitely the most “ideal” of the beach places we saw with the palm frond roofed huts and tiki lights and even hammocks in the dining area. The food wasn’t cheap of course but we are finding that none of the restaurants we are willing to eat at are cheap as we planned. The only “street” food we dare eat is corn or mango on a stick and only if we see how it is prepared ourselves. So we wrapped up the evening with a half card game of Phase 10 and went to sleep hearing the waves crash like thunder on the shore.


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Getting to Acapulco

Ok… I say we went to Acapulco but our hotel was actually in Pie de la Cuesta which is about 12 km or so west of Old Acapulco. I can’t do the math to tell you what that is in miles because even my brain cells are sweating in this heat. All I know is there are 1.6 km in a mile… I think…

Sunset in front of our hotel in Pie de la Cuesta

So after Taxco we hopped in the car for the 3 ½ hour journey to Acapulco. Since Mex and I have learned that avoiding big city driving is essential to how well we get along, Maren and I searched the map for a way to avoid the city of Acapulco. We navigated Mex to a “free” road, which means no guarantees on the road’s condition, about 45 minutes north of the city. We have been on some toll roads that made us want to turn around and ask for a refund so I was apprehensive about a free one. The road was in surprisingly good condition, winding through the mountains and many little villages which thankfully didn’t have a ridiculous number of topes (speed bumps for those of you that don’t remember the dozen other times I’ve complained about them). As we got closer we started to see lots of palm trees everywhere. Initially, we thought they were natural and then we noticed they were growing in suspiciously straight lines like at an apple orchard or Christmas tree farm. It made sense when we started to see dozens of roadside stands selling fresh coconuts. If only those coconuts were filled with a nice, cold piña colada.

Moonlit view from our oceanside room. The sound of waves crashing (and the AC) made the upgrade worth it.

Pie de la Cuesta is basically the name of a beach community that is one tar road lined with little hotels and restaurants. The ocean is on one side and Lake Coyuca is on the other. Once we got to Hacienda Vayma we were offered an upgrade to an Oceanside suite. After comparing both rooms we all decided the extra $80 US was worth the splurge to have  an ocean view, AC and hot water. Pie de la Cuesta is famous for huge rolling waves and sunsets, both of which were worth the visit. Apparently, you can’t view the sunset from most of Acapulco Bay because of the horseshoe shape, so Pie de la Cuesta is the best spot to see the sun hit the ocean. However, the guide books don’t tell you about the strong fishy odor or the brown foam washing up on the beach. That was an unpleasant surprise. The smell wasn’t overpowering most of the time and we were able to enjoy some outdoor meals with the tiki light atmosphere. Because the waves are so huge all the time, it isn’t really safe to swim which is why every hotel has a pool (and a swim up bar). Since we didn’t get there until fairly late on Wednesday we just enjoyed the air-conditioning, watched the sunset, sat at the tiki bar and had some drinks, a delicious pizza and onion rings while watching the waves roll on to the beach… I know… Every time I mention pizza I feel guilty but I’ve decided that as long as we are eating it in Mexico it should be considered Mexican food!

Constant big waves make for a great soundtrack but bad swimming.

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