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La Perla Restaurant – Acapulco

La Perla Restaurant's design mirrors the surrounding steep cliffs

We opted for dinner at La Perla Restaurant which is part of the Mirador Hotel Acapulco. The restaurant is built on a cliff itself and has a pre-set price for a

View of Clavadistas (cliff divers) from La Perla restaurant

three-course meal. It is pricy (around $35) but the cliff and diver views are awesome, there is live mariachi music in between diving shows and the restaurant itself is multi-leveled and all open air so you can enjoy fresh sea breezes. It seemed to be popular with tour groups. The hotel Mirador was a vacation spot for the rich and famous during the 40’s,  50’s and 60’s and there is a wall near the bathrooms of La Perla where celebrities have left their signatures.

We had great seafood dishes for the most part. My coconut shrimp was doughy and a little disappointing as I almost always find coconut shrimp. The cheesecake looked delicious but was lacking a little bit of sweetness. Dinner is served from 7 – 11 pm every day. Divers perform at 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 is a Torch-lit Grand Finale.

Mmmm... sitting on the sea eating seafood. Delish!

We were tempted by this lovely looking dessert, though it was distinctly less sweet than it appears.

Celebrity signature wall sporting the names of famous visitors from Acapulco's hey days in the 40's - 70's


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Acapulco… for real this time

Now that's the way to take ocean pics!

Ok, so we didn’t spend all of Thursday in Acapulco… We did spend the morning relaxing in hammocks, strolling along the beach (making sure not to touch the foamy, brown water), and taking a dip in the pool. Finally, about noon we hopped on a local bus to go to “Old Acapulco” for the afternoon. There is also the Costera area and Acapulco Diamante which are the areas with nice hotels, fancy shopping and night clubs but we only had a limited amount of time so we skipped those “typical” tourist areas.
We walked down by the docks to see some of the yachts and then had lunch along the water. Afterwards we strolled through the zócalo, bought some ice cream and took photos of Mex in front of the cathedral since the patron saint of Acapulco is his birthday saint. It didn’t really seem like a cathedral since the sanctuary part was completely round, white and had a beach-like feel. None of us really felt like buying souvenirs so we decided to try to take a boat ride and see more of the bay.

View of Acapulco Bay from the boat cruise

After some negotiating by Mex we ended up on a somewhat party boat with live music and free drinks that cruised the harbor from 4:30 to 7 pm. We spent a few ear-splitting minutes in front of the live bands speakers before Maren found some seats in the front of the boat where the music was background noise and we could enjoy full views of Acapulco Bay. Mex and I are both total suckers for any kind of boat ride and I think we won Maren over. Especially by the end when we started to enjoy some Victoria beer. Don’t order a Corona or Modelo when you come to Mexico, order a Victoria, a light beer with smooth flavor and no bitterness. Mexicans value it so much, you can’t get it in the States (that’s coming from a girl who doesn’t like beer at all). In fact, Maren went to the boat bar and asked for some and she was given Corona instead. only when Mex went up and ordered Victoria were we finally given the golden goodness.

When we got done with our boat cruise we decided to make our way over to La Quebrada where the world famous Clavadistas (cliff divers) have been jumping off cliffs from 25 – 35 meters high since 1934. They dive at 1 pm, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 pm daily. There is a free viewing area that you must get to very early to get a spot or a place closer to the dives where you need to pay $5 to see (I’m sure the price goes up frequently).

One of many houses built on a cliff. This one was the filming location for one of Mexico's telenovelas (soap operas)

We opted for dinner at La Perla Restaurant which is built on a cliff and has a pre-set price during dive shows of around $35 US for a three-course meal (see review here). Maren and I both took some videos of the Clavadistas diving. I believe you can also just have drinks at the bar.
Since we are a little old and boring (or maybe older and wiser) we opted for taking a taxi back to the hotel instead of spending a night on the town drinking and dancing. One interesting fact about Acapulco is that over 80% of the tourists are actually Mexicans. Probably because there is a nice toll road linking it to Mexico City making it a quick five hour trip for at least ¼ of the countries population. We actually didn’t see very many US spring breakers around town at all. I suppose they would all be lounging around their all-inclusive hotels not strolling in the slightly grungy old downtown area.

The road in between Pie de la Cuesta and Acapulco was littered with garbage. People stood on piles of garbage waiting for the bus to stop and didn’t even seem to notice. I read that the

In downtown "Old" Acapulco

government has spent millions and millions of dollars trying to clean up the bay to keep tourism strong but it seems like there is a long way to go. When we were on our boat ride there was a kid who was holding a Styrofoam plate and he asked his mom if he should put it in the water. Thankfully she said no and he set it on a chair instead. I was honestly surprised she said no because after seeing the trash lined roads I felt like no one in the country must be conscious of the environment. As you go around a curve you look back and see the trash spilling down the cliff into the ocean. It is terrible but just a sign of poverty and lack of education I suppose. People who can’t afford to pay for garbage service either burn their trash or dump it wherever they have a chance. Seeing things like that makes me feel that there is little hope to “save the environment” without education and financial help to poor places. Tsk, tsk…Enough from my political soapbox for now.

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