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Friend from home

We are a little behind on the blog but hope to get caught up soon. Pictures will take a little longer since we are back to using an internet cafe and I need to copy them to a CD first and then put them on the internet. Luckily for all of you that means I´ll have to be more choosy so you will have less pictures to page through.

Maren's first Mexico pic - one of the hills near Mex's town. My favorite photographer!

Last Sunday (23rd), our friend Maren arrived. We had a small bus crisis getting to the Mexico City airport.  When we took the bus from Jonacatepec to Cuautla to get Maren we got ¨held up¨so to speak. There was a broken down bus and a group of guys just stood in front of our bus on the highway and asked our driver for gas. The driver kept saying no but some other guys ran over to the broken bus and grabbed a huge jug and hose and siphoned off the jug full. It was insane! It sort of freaked us out and made us realize the whole bandit thing could happen because what are you going to do when someone stands right in front of you? You can´t really run them over. Maybe nudge them a little but that would not be a good situation. After two extra bus rides we managed to get there about 5 minutes before she made it through customs. Perfect timing for everyone. Just in case any of you ever come here to visit us I´m going to type myself a reminder that the bus from Cuautla to the Mexico City airport only leaves at 5:30 am, 7:00 am and 2 pm. It goes from the airport to Cuautla at 3 pm or 3:30, 8 pm and I can´t remember what other time. I´m sure that means nothing to you guys but it will be helpful to remember and I keep forgetting to write it down.

Back yard of dad's house

After we met her at about noon we grabbed some slices of pizza (I know, I know…) and got on the bus to Cuernavaca. Then we took a taxi to another bus to Cuautla. Unfortunately, we just missed the direct first class bus (which I will ALWAYS recommend taking, especially in the heat of spring here in Central southern Mexico). We ended up taking the second class bus that was not air-conditioned, quite a bit dirty and anything but direct. The trip that took us 35 minutes on the way there took almost 2 hours back and we crossed dozens of topes (speed bumps) along that route. Maren declared she was tired of them after about 30 minutes and we just laughed. It is one very significant part of rural Mexico and definitely is doing a number on our car and our patience.

The family kitchen in Mexico

After another bus ride from Cuautla to Jonacatepec we finally reached our car and drove the 10 minutes back to Mex´s house in Tetelilla. His family was very welcoming and wonderful (as always) to Maren. Since Maren remembers very little of her years of Spanish classes Mex and, even I, translated for her. I did feel like my Spanish had improved when I was able to pull that off so that was a nice little boost for me to help with the frustration of not understanding everything.

After dinner we walked to his other two sister’s homes and visited for a little while and had tours. The next morning we had breakfast with his sisters and they pulled out all the stops… Sweet rolls, corn on the cob and even fresh grilled fish (the entire thing) to accompany our usual eggs and green beans. As a side note, one thing that I thought was weird when I got here but now really appreciate is the pan tostado. They actually sell bread already toasted since many people don’t have toasters (there is no electric in the kitchen at his family’s house).  It´s actually really good and we eat it all the time.

Neighbor's 4 day old baby burro. So cute!

Neighbor's adobe house. The kitchen at my in-law's house was adobe like this until about 2000.

Maren was taking pictures like crazy of his dad´s house and the kitchen in the morning light and I am going to plagiarise some of her pictures and post them as soon as I can because they really captured some of the charm of the place beautifully.We ran over to the neighbor’s house quick to check out their newly arrived little donkey. The woman tried to grab it and pull it closer to us and it bucked and kicked his little back legs just like a stubborn donkey would! It was funny but also reminded me not to walk too close to an animal’s back side no matter how cute it is. I packed our bags while my husband chatted with his sisters and then we loaded up the car about noon to leave for Cuernavaca which is the capital of his state, Morelos.


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Feria – fun stuff and purse slashings

Sofia "making a deal" on a stone rolling pin used to smash corn or beans.

On Tuesday we went to Huasulco, a nearby town, for a Feria which is basically a street market. They had all kinds of wonderful things there. Mex bought some things to send home with our friend Maren for his brothers. We bought a mortar and pestal that is shaped like a turtle and some little coffee cups that look like miniature Mexican jars. There was lots of candy and people selling fruit on a stick. I tried sugar cane for the first time. I liked the flavor but I didn’t like the fact that you chew it and then end up spitting most of it out again. It’s very fibrous and tough but Mex’s dad loves it. We tried to go to the Feria early in the day and were there by 10am but by 1pm when we were leaving it was very, very crowded.

"Sweets" for sale - mostly nuts pressed into bars with honey, sugar and other sticky substances. Chocolate is hard to find =(

Sometime in the last hour I ended up getting my purse slashed. I was lucky nothing was stolen. Mexico is infamous for purse slashings. I should have listened to Mex better and kept my purse in front of me but, when we were leaving, my hands were loaded with stuff and I forgot, letting it fall behind me. I never really took the threat seriously in a small town like we were in, probably less than 2000 people. I thought it was mainly a concern in bigger cities but I guess you need to watch out all over. So far that’s been the only bad thing that’s happened to us on the trip (stomach bugs aside). I was very sad since it was a special “travel” purse from the AAA store that was supposed to be more secure but they must use really sharp knives because it went through all five layers. Mex’s sister, Filogonia, had her purse slashed in Mexico City and they actually slashed her hip, too! I guess I’m “fortunate”!

Crafts for sale at the Feria in Huasulco

Purse slashing - all 5 layers of my expensive "tough" travel purse from the AAA store

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