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Las Mañanitas Restaurant – Cuernavaca

Beautifully secluded restaurant and bar area. Relaxing escape in the middle of one of Mexico’s largest cities.

Albino peacock roaming the grounds. There are over a dozen “free-ranging” peacocks. They are beautiful but beware when they fly into the tree above your table or try to nibble off your snacks in the bar area.

Our night in Cuernavaca we decided to have a splurge for dinner and went to the world-famous Las Mañanitas restaurant (it is a hotel also – over $250 a night). If you ever go to Cuernavaca we would all highly recommend it and they have delicious pastas starting at about $14 US so it doesn´t have to be a big splurge. Even though it is on a busy street, once you walk through the entrance you feel like you are miles away from the city and can hear absolutely no noise but peacocks calling.

Luckily, we got there before it was dark which is a total MUST in order to wander the gardens and see the exotic birds, including toucans, colorful peacocks and even white peacocks. We sat in the bar first and enjoyed drinks while we watched the birds. The waiters (which there must be 2 or 3 for each guest) bring a little snack tray of pepitas (pumpkin seeds), peanuts and chips for you to snack on in the lovely open air patio while sitting on bulky-cushioned lounge chairs. The

Cheese cup salad sounded good, but for the expense I would choose the green salad instead

peacocks walk right up to the table and try to eat your snacks however, which freaked me out a little. When one flew into the tree directly over our heads I made Maren and Mex move because I did not want to be in his ‘line of fire’.

Ready to enjoy our seafood in the cool night air. Gorgeous outdoor dining.

Sinful seafood dinner for two.

Our menu recommendations are the salad that has goat cheese on it. The one with crab in the parmesan cup sounds good but is nothing special for the price. For dinner, if there are two of you that like seafood, the seafood platter to share is absolutely incredible! The

Shrimp pasta – also swimming in buttery goodness

mussels melted in my mouth, no fishiness or chewyness at all. There are shrimp and a sinful pasta. I can’t imagine how much butter and cheese went in to this dish but it was incredibly tasty. Great atmosphere and fabulous food.  It was dark by the time we ate so all the pictures turned out horribly.

On a side note… This restaurant (and hotel) are on the “1000 places” list. Check!

Las Mañanitas
Linares 107
from US – 1 (888) 413 9199

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A day or so in Cuernavaca

For us, that was enough… Cuernavaca is called the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ and has been the weekend getaway for wealthy Mexico Citians since the time of the Aztecs and Mayans. However, in my mind, 95 degrees is NOT spring weather! It feels like Las Vegas in July but you can´t run into a casino to get the fresh air-conditioned feeling. They say the water has been disappearing from the city and the temperature has been rising but no one really uses the term global warming like in the US.

Jacaranda trees and mountains on road to Cuernavaca

The drive to Cuernavaca was mountainous but luckily we figured out how to take the toll road this time so we avoided the topes (speed bumps) that plagued us on the way through to his town the first time. In many spots the road was lined with trees that were covered in purple flowers, Jacarandas they are called. Beautiful and strange because they have hardly any leaves. We found our bed and breakfast, La Casa Mediterranea,  after not too many wrong turns.

Casa Mediteranea bed and breakfast in Cuernavaca

There is no signage on the outside because, according to the owner, signage = inspectors dropping by and collecting “fees” all of the time. It was on a side street about 3 blocks from a main road higher up the hills in the city so it remained somewhat cool there with a fresh breeze in the morning and evening. Our host, who spoke no English, told Mex it was only a 20 minute walk to the zócalo (downtown plaza) but I had read in my travel book it was at least 3 km (1.5 miles) so after walking a few blocks the three of us decided to hop in a taxi. I don´t know how fast of a walker our host is but the taxi alone took 20 minutes so I cannot believe there is any way to walk it in that time.

Sitting on the top level of the tour bus was a little nerve-wracking at times since you could almost reach up and touch the electrical wires.

We got out at the zócalo in front of the Cortes Castle at about 5 pm and saw some bus tours there so we decided to hop on and sat on top of the double-decker bus in the open air. Unfortunately, the tour guide talked non-stop so it was difficult for Mex to translate for us. It was fine since we had to keep our eyes open for tree branches, traffic lights, and electric wires which would have scraped the heads of people not much taller than us. We got off the bus at a park that had a small canyon in it. There are apparently 50 or so of these canyons all around the city… After interrupting a dozen couples enjoying ‘cuddle time’ our tour group went down about 70 steps to a platform and looked around. Sadly, there was not much water in the canyon and it smelled awful. We took some very, very steep steps back up and returned to the bus to finish the tour which went past the cathedral complex and some huge hacienda where they film a soap opera. I didn´t really pick up much else from the tour and didn´t enjoy it as much as the one in Aguascalientes because we were stuck in traffic most of the time.

Templo de la Asuncion de Maria - Cuernavaca

After that we walked around the zócalo which was crowded with people and actually not that impressive because it doesn’t have a cathedral on it. It is actually the only main plaza in all of Mexico without a cathedral. The three of us walked about 4 blocks to where the main cathedral and a few others are. There are two churches inside a big brick wall and three more nearby. Then we made our way back to the zócalo to have dinner.

On Tuesday (25th) we got up and tried to go to the Feria de la Primavera which is like the Morelos version of the State

Flower display at the Feria

Fair. We arrived at 10:30 only to discover it didn´t open until 12:30. Since it was a 30 minute taxi ride just to get there we decided to walk down the road to the flower show which opened at 11. We were almost the only ones there so it was fun to walk through all the gardens and enjoy the greenery. There are very, very little spots in this entire country that we have found to be green. It was welcoming to see grass and little ponds loaded with the biggest coy fish I’ve ever seen. There were even some bonsai plants and a flower fountain. It was nice and relaxing and not too hot.

Yep... we were the only ones at the Feria. Mexicans are late partiers unlike loyal MN State Fair goes who get there at dawn.

At about 1 we started to walk back over to the Feria, thinking the action had started for sure by now. Oh no… there were maybe 20 people besides us there that weren´t employees. The rides weren´t running and only a handful of the craft booths were even open. After walking around and buying some water and habas (the fried lima beans with chili and lemon that I love) we decided to leave. The security guards tried to convince us to come back after 4 when the palenque (cockfights) and other action starts and it supposedly fills with people but we had enough by then.

Mural depicting events in Mexican history by Diego Rivera - Cortez Castle

Tired and sun beaten, we took another long taxi ride to the zócalo and went into the Cortes castle which is actually small a Mexican history museum. It was difficult because there was very little in English and even though my reading in Spanish is better than my speaking, museums don´t hold my attention for very long. At the end of the museum there was a mural by Diego Rivera which was interesting since Mex just studied his wife, painter Frida Kahlo, this January for school. It was amazing to see the size and detail and story that is wrapped up in one of his murals.

Mmmm.... Elotes! Corn smothered in crema, cheese and chile. The ultimate Mexican street food!

Overall, our impression of Cuernavaca was ´big city.´It is definitely somewhere I am not interested in living or visiting very many times. The plaza seemed crowded, traffic was horrible and it was just too busy. Everything was very expensive by Mexican standards also.

We did go to dinner at Las Mañanitas. See review here.

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