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Where’s the Beef? Right out back!

We left Minnesota on Sunday the 24th at about 7:30 pm, after we went to my niece’s Minnesota Youth Symphony concert and saw her perform. Odometer: 52,500 on Mom and Dad’s car…. We drove until 1:30 in the morning and ended up 80 miles north of Kansas City.

The only non-steak eater in our group happily eating at one of the most famous steakhouses in the country

Nothing much to tell today (Monday) except driving. Weather and roads were good for the end of February. Our one stop in 14 hours of travel time (yes, ONE stop – besides bathroom and gas breaks, even lunch was a drive thru) was in Oklahoma City at Stockyard City where we ate at the “famous” Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Check! (It is in the “1000 Places” book for my dear competitive readers… you know who you are!) Initially, I was not impressed because, unfortunately, I got my steak medium well. It was a little tough. Then mom gave me some of her Filet and holy cow (pun intended)! If red meat and butter got married this would be their love child. It was incredible!!! The restaurant is littered with Western decor; pencil sketches of famous cowboys – like Tex Ritter, Hop Along Cassidy and John Wayne, red leather booths, cattle-branding irons, and a wall length painting of a herd of Black Angus cattle. Though I am eagerly following suggestions in the “1000 Places” book, I did wimp out on the lamb fries- little fried lamb balls (literally… their balls). I’ll avoid the official physiological word to try to ward off inappropriate ads from springing up on my blog. Though they are sliced and supposedly resemble a clam strip, I couldn’t bring myself – or my meal companions – to be that brave with our taste buds.

Oklahoma City Stockyards – and no that isnt a new hairdo! The wind was ridiculous!

The entire area around the restaurant is called Stockyard City and is full of shops selling gorgeous hand-stitched saddles, colorful cowboy boots, and all types of Western shirts. It isn’t hard to imagine cowboys riding up on their horses to check out the local duds in 1910 when the area was opened. The Oklahoma National Stock Yards, the largest cattle stocker and feeder market in the world, are in the back of the parking lot of the restaurant and the cows did not have a pleasant odor what-so-ever! It was hard to ignore and a little stifling (even for a farm girl) while walking around window shopping. The Stock Yards are definitely active though since we saw a number of trucks hauling cattle pull out, just in the fifteen minutes we were walking around stretching our legs.

Now we are in a hotel in Hereford, TX, almost all they way across the panhandle of Texas (which I did not realize is 230 miles wide – that’s one large handle) and we did get to jaunt on Old Route 66 for about 150 miles, bringing back memories of high school choir. We should only have about seven hours of driving left tomorrow to get to El Paso. Even though we’re driving through Roswell, New Mexico, I doubt we will stop. That’s all the excitement for today! Goodnight, everyone!


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